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#include <stdlib.h>
#include "yagi.h"

/* These range variables select the graph range and are defined in output.c */

extern double xrange_min, xrange_max, yrange_min, yrange_max, rrange_min, rrange_max;

void write_gnuplot_header(FILE *fp, double f, char *filename, int step, int lin_or_log)
      fprintf(fp,"# $Id: %s,v 1.4 1993/09/27 17:10:59 alex Exp $\n",filename);
      fprintf(fp,"# Analsed from %s with Yagi-Uda \n", filename);
      fprintf(fp,"set angles degrees\n"); 
      fprintf(fp,"set size square\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set polar\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set grid polar 15.\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set noborder\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set noparam\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set lines\n");
      if(lin_or_log == LIN)

      else if (lin_or_log==LOG)
            fprintf(fp,"set xrange [%f:%f]\n",-(rrange_max-rrange_min), rrange_max-rrange_min);
            fprintf(fp,"set yrange [%f:%f]\n",-(rrange_max-rrange_min), rrange_max-rrange_min);
            fprintf(fp,"set rrange [%f:%f]\n",rrange_min, rrange_max);
            fprintf(fp,"set trange [-pi:pi]\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set xtics 0, 10, %f\n",-rrange_min+rrange_max);
      fprintf(fp,"set ytics 0, 10, %f\n",-rrange_min+rrange_max);
      fprintf(fp,"set xtics axis mirror\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set ytics axis mirror\n");
      fprintf(fp,"set data style line\n");

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